Grade 6 Science Resources
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PHET simulations Smithsonian Gem Site Rock Hound Kids Animation of Earthquake Waves Convergent Boundary
Divergent Boundary Earthquakes Types of Faults
Hawaii: Born of Fire
Chemical Weathering of Feldspar
Geography 4 Kids Animation of Ocean Waves For Kids Only - Earth's Enterprises Ocean Currents Ocean World
Oceans Alive! Missouri Botanical Garden: Biomes of the World Natural History in San Diego County The World's Biomes World Biomes
Latitude, Longitude, and Time Zones 02:36 Globes and Their Use 13:26 BrainPop movies Determining Latitude and Longitude 02:29 Globes, Latitude, and Longitude 03:25
Crystallization: The Birth of a Common Rock 01:53 Classifying Minerals 03:34 The Rock Cycle: Three Types of Rock 08:00 The Importance of Rocks and Minerals 04:51 What's Inside the Earth? 26:00
Exploring Heat 17:45 Sports: Potential and Kinetic Energy 06:21 Work, Energy and the Simple Machine 15:00 Work, Force, and Energy 01:14
Continents Adrift 26:05 Earthquakes and Volcanoes 05:17 Shaken and Stirred: CA Earthquake 05:36
Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Other Earth Movement 15:03 Understanding Volcanoes 49:38 Volcanoes: Mountains of Fire 27:09 Basics of Geology: Erosion and Weathering 21:24
Earth Science: Land and Water 20:00 Weathering and Erosion 20:00 Bill Nye: Earth's Atmosphere 08:56 Our Atmosphere 02:40 Our Restless Atmosphere 11:19